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Car Parking Membrane

Car Parking Membrane

SKU: 30208202010410

Membrane Structure Carport

The biggest characteristic of the membrane material is high strength, good durability, fire retardance, self-cleanning property,  no ultraviolet light, long service life, generally 15-30 years. It has high light transmittance of 13%, reflectivity of thermal energy of 73% and little heat is precisely because of the invention of this epoch-making membrane material that the space membrane structure has become a modern permanent building.

Product Name: Glass Curtain Wall Canopy

Material: 5+8 (middle) +5mm H-shape Q235 Steel, surface will be white

Color: White / Black, Customer Requirements

Roof: Roof is White PVDF membrane material; special for outside

Cross Rubes: Under the roof will be installed 3 pcs dia. 76mm Carbon Steel Cross Tubes. 

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